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No.165, February 2009

Stun 165
No. 165 - February 2009

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The Editor's Bit

Another year and the Stun keeps on going.  I hope you didn’t panic too much when we didn’t bring out a January issue: it was too cold and most of the bars were dead, so I gave it a miss. It would have been different if I’d been out taking pictures on New Year’s Eve, but I wasn’t; I was up on the roof terrace with Elly and Janni, who was staying with us for a couple of days.

Luckily, some of you heeded my call to send in photos, so we’ve got pictures of some of the New Year’s Eve antics in the Old Quarter and Molly Malone’s, courtesy of Paul and Almar, for you.

Also contributing photographically this month: Beth with pictures from Andy’s birthday party in the Newcastle pub; Jennie for pictures of the haggis at the Burns Night Supper and Jaime for loads of pictures from various days and nights in Coco’s Outback.

When you include all the pictures I’ve taken since the last Stun came out, it adds up to a lot of photos. It was hard work, but I’ve managed to squeeze in as many as possible. I know a lot of you would have been upset if I’d left out Dear Dorothy, Being Frank on Football, PPL Update, the crossword, jokes or gig list, so I had to put another 8 pages in, taking it up to a monster 36 pages. Enjoy your Stun and I hope it’s not too heavy to carry around.