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No.166, March 2009

Stun 166
No. 166 - March 2009

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The Editor's Bit

You’ve probably noticed that this month’s Stun is a bit thinner than usual, but what do you expect? February wasn’t exactly bursting with photo opportunities, with almost empty bars and so few parties, we had to throw one ourselves.

Things look much healthier for the coming month, with Paddy’s Day, plus quite a few birthday, leaving or whatever parties for me and my camera to attend.

So, rather than wait until we had enough stuff to fill a few more pages, we thought we’d give you advance notice about some of the parties that are coming up this month. I’ll be doing my best to get to as many of them as I can, but it’s going to be hard work and I won’t make it to all of them. If you are at a party with your camera and I’m not there, can you take some pictures and send them to the Stun?

That’s what Louise did when I wasn’t at the 80’s/90’s Party in Susie’s Saloon. Her pictures are on page 18. I took it easy that night because I was at the Mahones gig in Maloe Melo the night before (pictures on page 16) and we had the first dinner party in our new home (page 5) the following day.

Although we haven’t got as many pictures this month, all of our regulars are here, like the gig-list, crossword, jokes, Being Frank... and Dear Dorothy, so enjoy your Stun.