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No.167, April 2009

Stun 167
No. 167 - April 2009

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The Editor's Bit

After last month’s meagre 24 pages, I’m glad to say we’re back to our usual 32 pages this time round. Paddy’s Day gave us plenty of photo opportunities around the bars, so I went for it. A number of bars had Paddy’s Day parties either the Saturday before or the Friday after the 17th, but they were all disappointing compared with the day itself.

I had a great time in Molly Malone’s on the 17th and took loads of pictures while I was there. Some of the best are on pages 22 & 23. I also went to a few other bars on Paddy’s Day and those pictures are on pages 24 & 25.

We’ve also got pictures from Duncan’s leaving party in Finnegan’s Rainbow (8 & 9), Mattijs & Shakira’s joint birthday party in the Flying Dutchman (20 & 21) and some of the staff organised parties in The End (11).

Elly has been getting out and about a bit more over the last few weeks, so she wrote all of this month’s Tales From The Gutter on pages 4 & 5.

Our agony aunt, Dorothy, has been struck down with a virus, so she can’t reply to any of your letters this month, but she did get Rush and Lin to fill her page with some old-people jokes instead.

All the rest of our regulars are here though, so while you get yourself worked up for Queen’s Day, enjoy your Stun.