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No.169, June 2009

Stun 169
No. 169 - June 2009

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The Editor's Bit

The football season is over, which means we have a winner in our Premiership Predictions League: Meteorite United. For the first time in years, the winner actually lives in Amsterdam, which would have made it a lot easier for presenting a prize, if we’d had one.

We probably won’t have a prize for next season’s competition either, but don’t let that stop you entering. More details and an entry form next month.

We’re almost a year into the smoking ban and I’ve noticed one or two bars having a more casual attitude to people lighting up. When I take pictures in such establishments, I try to keep ashtrays and lit cigarettes out of shot, but I don’t always succeed. A couple almost slipped through this month, but I remembered just in time and photoshopped the offending items out of the picture. If I missed any, please accept my apologies.

Now that summer is here, most smokers will be out on the terraces. We haven’t got many outside pictures in this Stun, although I’m sure I’ll be taking a few this month. We didn’t even make it to the Rugby Sevens last month; instead we’ve got plenty of pictures of rugby players in bars.

Still no Dear Dorothy, but all the rest of our regular bits are here this month, and all of the pictures have captions! Enjoy your Stun.