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No.173, October 2009

Stun 173
No. 173 - October 2009

Click on the picture to open this edition of The Amsterdam Stun in a new window. To view it, you need Adobe Reader software which is available from here.

The Editor's Bit

The Amsterdam Stun hit the streets for the first time on Saturday 16th October 1993, which means the Stun celebrates its 16th birthday this month. Whoopee! Old enough to legally drink beer and do lots of other things too, but where to start? We could throw a party, but we’re not going to; there are plenty of other parties to look forward to this month, including Halloween. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say I’ll be refusing to accept gifts or drinks on behalf of the Stun.

It’s got nothing to do with being 16, but this will be the last Stun to be printed in the centre of Amsterdam. Our printers, Victor & Jan Willem, are moving from the Zeeburgerpad to new, bigger premises in Over Amstel. The name of the company is changing too, from ‘The Finishing Touch’ to ‘Full Colour BV’, but they will still be able to print the Stun in black & white. Although I won’t be able to get there as easily, the new situation shouldn’t make any difference to you, the Stun reader.

So, what’s in the Stun for you this month?  The Gig-List is bigger than usual this month, partly due to the fact there are 5 weekends this month and Halloween is coming up.

There was a lot more life in the bars last month, so we’re back to 32 pages, with pictures from parties in Coco’s and Molly’s, plus all of our regular bits, so enjoy your Stun.