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No.179, May 2010

Stun 179
No. 179 - May 2010

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The Editor's Bit

Well, the UK elections look like they’re going to result in a hung parliament, but I’m not in a position to complain: I didn’t vote!  I could have, if I’d bothered to register, but it never crosses my mind until an election is called and by then, it’s too late for that one.

I bumped into our football correspondent Frank last week and he’s the same: I bet there are loads of others like us. If we had all voted, maybe we could have made a difference. Oh well, there’s always next time; if we remember.

I can’t vote in next month’s Dutch election either, but Elly can. Who will she vote for?  Find out on page 5.

Frank gives us an end of season round-up in Being Frank on Football, but our Premiership Predictions League contestants will have to wait a bit longer to find out who the winner is.

Loads of photos from Queen’s Day, parties and my pub-crawls, plus music, jokes and the crossword make a bumper Stun. Enjoy!