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No.184, October 2010

Stun 184
No. 184 - October 2010

Click on the picture to open this edition of The Amsterdam Stun in a new window. To view it, you need Adobe Reader software which is available from here.

The Editor's Bit

After seventeen years of writing my editor’s bit every month, you’d think I would have it sussed by now, but no... I always end up sitting here trying to remember what I was thinking of writing about. This month is no exception.

Five minutes later...

Some of our readers thought it would be a good idea if we offered a prize with our crossword, so last month, we did. We didn’t get a single entry! Was it too hard? Was the method of entry (post or fax) too 20th Century? Didn’t anybody want to win a beauty treatment? Tell us, we’d love to know.

We’re not going to give up, so this month, Elly has made the puzzle easier, and even if you can’t solve every clue, you still have a chance of finding the answer. You don’t have to send in the whole crossword either, so we can accept entries by e-mail or SMS. As for the prize, it’s beer! Everybody likes beer! Why not give it a go? This month’s crossword is on the back cover.

Our Premiership Predictions League didn’t suffer from a lack of entries; we’ve got a record-breaking 36 contestants this season. Find out who they are on page 25.

And I’m back to wondering what to write next. Just a few more lines about nothing in particular and the October edition of the Amsterdam Stun is finished. Whoopee!! Enjoy your Stun and Happy Halloween.