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No.194, September 2011

Stun 194
No. 194 - September 2011

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The Editor's Bit

The answer to last month’s crossword kept true during August! I know a lot of people were on holiday, but on the days I braved the rain, not many others did, so it was fairly quiet around the bars. We didn’t get invited to any parties in August either, so we’ve got less pictures than usual for you this month.

Elly got out less than me and was struggling with her Tales From The Gutter pages, so with the help of Pete, we filled them with news about the latest adventure being undertaken by the Charity Chicken Foundation.

As this Stun is out at the start of the month, we’ve got more gigs in the Gig-List than if we’d come out a week later, so I had to drop the What’s On page to fit them all in. Most of what would have been on the page is mentioned elsewhere, so it’s not a disaster.

We had a record number of entries for our Premier Predictions League, sponsored by Coco’s Outback. If you entered, find out how you’re doing on page 44.

Not many entries for last month’s crossword puzzle: was it too hard or did the non-alcoholic prize put you off? This month’s prize is a six-month subscription to the Stun. Would somebody like to donate a prize for next months puzzle? Booze is always good. Lesley Bathgate got the correct answer last month: “What a bummer, it’s an awful summer”.

Enjoy your Stun.