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No.196, November 2011

Stun 196
No. 196 - November 2011

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The Editor's Bit

Bit of a strange few weeks since the last Stun came out; I couldn’t get round the bars as much as I usually do and still ended up with more photos than an average month.

Where did they all come from, you may ask. I took quite a few at Nick Mathews’ Wake, they’re on pages 8 & 9. Elly and I were at the Poolhole’s opening party (page 10), but didn’t take many photos ourselves, so Trudy let us use some of hers.

They threw a party in Finnegan’s Rainbow to celebrate the bar’s 9th birthday and I was there; the photos are on pages 30 & 31.

And we can’t forget Halloween! We’ve got 6½ pages of photos from parties in the Old Quarter, Molly Malone’s and the Flying Dutchman. They’re on pages 3 & 20-25. Maybe it’s a good job I didn’t make it to the parties in Coco’s Outback and Maloe Melo; I wouldn’t have been able to squeeze everything in.

Throw in Music, Round the Bars, Behind Bars, Jokes, Football, Crossword, etc., and I think we’ve got a Stun to be proud of.

Well, the sun is up, we’ve eaten the cover and as soon as I finish this column, I can send the November Stun to the printers. What else? Oh yeah, that something else I wanted to write about but couldn’t remember last month; Elly and I got married! Elly tells you all about it in Tales from the Gutter. Enjoy your Stun.