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No.200, March 2012

Stun 200
No. 200 - March 2012

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The Editor's Bit

This is weird, writing my editor’s bit on a Thursday afternoon. Usually, it’s Friday morning and I’m struggling to finish it in time to get some Stuns printed the same day. But not this month; I finally got my new custom built computer and it has more than halved the time I spend editing photos, not to mention the time saved by the faster starts and switches between programs. I also made the jump from Windows 2000 to Windows 7, and hardly any of my old software is compatible, so that’s all been upgraded too.

With all the changes, I thought I was going to run into all sorts of teething troubles as I worked on this Stun, but so far, everything is working perfectly. The only thing the new computer hasn’t made faster is the speed I can think what to write about and then type out. If it had, I’d be bringing the latest Stun around the bars a day earlier, but at least now I can get a decent night’s sleep before hitting the bars on Friday night.

Enough of all that, just like our Premier Predictions League (p. 31), it’s the final result that counts. So, what’s in the Stun this month? We’ve got photos from parties in Coco’s Mine, De Poort and Maloe Melo, plus all the other bars I visited in the last month. News, gossip, what’s on, jokes, football and the crossword are all here, so enjoy your Stun.