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No.218, September 2013

Stun 218
No. 218 - September 2013

Click on the picture to open this edition of The Amsterdam Stun in a new window. To view it, you need Adobe Reader software which is available from here.

The Editor's Bit

In the past, we always tried to get the Stun to the printers on a Friday morning in order to get them in the bars a few hours later, but now that it takes a bit longer to get them printed, I’ve decided to change it to Monday morning.  In theory, it should mean we’ve got more time to get everything together, work at a more relaxed pace and avoid having to pull all-nighters to meet the printing deadline. In theory! I still ended up working all night and if I don’t get this finished within the next two hours, they won’t start printing the new Stun until tomorrow.

Now that the Stun is in colour, it has opened up new dimensions for me to explore when it comes to thinking up the photo captions every month. Mentioning Deborah’s pink top would have been a bit dumb when the Stun was still printed in black & white!

So, what have we got for you in this month’s Full Colour Stun? We’ve got the final instalment of Roland’s report from his Three Peaks Extra Challenge on page 6 and Kickboxer David (a.k.a. Moderately Tall Dave) tells us about his next fight on page 7. The first update of this season’s Premier Predictions League is on page 27 and there’s a €30 Coco’s Voucher up for grabs in the Stun Prize Crossword on page 22. Add to that loads of photos from around the bars and all of our regular stuff and you have a full Stun. Enjoy!