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No.221, December 2013

Stun 221
No. 221 - December 2013

Click on the picture to open this edition of The Amsterdam Stun in a new window. To view it, you need Adobe Reader software which is available from here.

The Editor's Bit

´╗┐Here we go with our last edition of 2013 and what a year it has been! Amongst other things, we celebrated 20 years of The Amsterdam Stun, started printing in full colour and our circulation is up! We could have used that as an excuse to get lazy and fill up a few pages with highlights of the past year, but no - everything in this December edition is new and previously unseen in the pages of the Stun.

A lot of people are unaware that we don’t only use our own photos in the Stun. We can’t be everywhere, so we encourage you to send your own photos in and if we like them, we’ll print them. I won’t be doing my rounds on New Year’s Eve, so if you take some nice photos that night, why not e-mail them to me and we’ll print as many as possible next month.

That’s it from me; all of our usual stuff is in, so sit back, enjoy your Stun and have a Merry Christmas followed by a Happy New Year.