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No.155, March 2008

Stun 155
No. 155 - March 2008

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The Editor's Bit

Did you miss us? I must admit to being a bit optimistic in my last column: There was no way we could get a Stun out in January and even February was pushing it a bit too far. I seriously under-estimated how much hard work it is moving house, not to mention decorating. We’ve still got a lot to do around the house, but I’ve managed to set up a desk to work on amongst the boxes, tools and paint pots in what will eventually become the office, so I can put together this Stun, just in time for Easter.

My apologies to everybody who went looking for the full colour version of the December Stun on our website. While I was trying to update the site, my computer crashed and needed a complete reinstallation to get everything working again. I finally got round to doing that last week and I should have the website updated very soon.

Before I go any further, a big Thank You to everybody who’s helped us during our move, especially Klaas, Tommy, Toosh and Adrian for negotiating four flights of stairs at our old place, Ans and Max, who also helped with the moving, and Owen, Pat and Eddie, who helped out with jobs around the house.

And so to this month’s Stun. We’ve got pictures from Paddy’s Day and a few other parties we made it to, plus all of our usual stuff, so enjoy your Stun.