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No.177, March 2010

Stun 177
No. 177 - March 2010

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The Editor's Bit

Here we go with another Stun and another column that I’m convinced nobody reads. I didn’t even get a reaction from our printers last month, and we had a picture of them here.

I’m getting fed up with my mobile phone; the buttons don’t always work, I never seem to hear it when it rings and when I do get to answer it, the battery seems to pick that moment to suddenly run out. It doesn’t even have a camera, let alone mobile Internet! I’ve been thinking about getting a new one, but it’s not worth getting a contract, because I only spend about €4 a month on my prepaid. I haven’t got the money to buy a new simlock-free phone and prepay packages aren’t much cheaper, so what can I do? Maybe you can help!

If you are about to renew your phone contract and get a brand new model, why not give your old (Internet enabled) one to me.  Not only do you get the joy of knowing you’ve helped the Amsterdam Stun, you’ll also be encouraging me to develop a new website just for mobile phones, with live music, sport on TV and which bars have got it in Amsterdam.

Talking of Internet: Have you seen the Stun website? You can read more about it and how to get the most out of it on page 20. Elly takes a look at the local elections on page 5 and Frank takes frank look at the way football can affect you on page 24, plus we’ve got 4 pages of gigs and loads of pictures, so enjoy your Stun.