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No.204, July 2012

Stun 204
No. 204 - July 2012

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The Editor's Bit

I don’t know what it is about July; we usually struggle to come up with ideas of what to put on the cover most months, but July always seems to be the most difficult. Maybe it’s because my birthday is coming up (11th, if you want to buy me a drink) or has something to do with it being a barren month for special events. I know it’s festival season, but I go for bar over muddy field any day.

We went with an Olympic theme in the end, even though it’s got nothing to do with Amsterdam, because we’ve just got back from a trip to England and it’s so easy to get there. Elly writes about our trip on pages 4 & 5.

It was good to get away from working on new websites, posting Facebook updates, answering e-mails and stuff, but we’re back now, ready to go. This Stun is almost finished and it’s still relatively early, so I should be able to get enough sleep before hitting the bars with bags full of the latest Stun this evening.

I’ve got a new phone to help me develop mobile-friendly websites; for the next few days, I will be experimenting with Facebook check-ins at bars I visit while delivering this Stun, so ‘Friends’ can follow my progress. That’s not an invite to be my ‘Friend’, unless I know you personally, but you’re more than welcome to join the Amsterdam Stun Group or Like our Page.

That’s it, everything’s in, enjoy your Stun.