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No.215, June 2013

Stun 215
No. 215 - June 2013

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The Editor's Bit

Aah! June, and it looks like the summer has arrived at last! I’m sitting in my office on a Friday morning, trying to think what to write about and hoping I can finish this column before the sun comes streaming through the window. Can I think of anything? Can I f...

Oh yeah, if you read this column last month, you’ll know that I was in the process of arranging a surprise party for Elly’s 60th birthday. Well, the party is still going ahead in Molly Malone’s on Sunday 16th June, starting around 16:00, but it’s no longer a surprise. Elly found out about it when she proof-read the last Stun before it went to the printers.

Elly mentions her party in this month’s Tales from the Gutter, which also includes a contribution from Callum about his stay at Early’s B&B, the prize in our April crossword, which was won by his mother Lesley. This month’s crossword prize is a month’s supply of English tea, including a mug and some biscuits, generously donated by British General Stores.

Congratulations to Lars and his Susies Sevens Rugby team for winning the Amsterdam Sevens tournament. We’ve got photos from the victory party on page 18. We’ve got loads of other photos from my trips around the bars for you, including quite a few from Molly’s. Well, I had to go in a few times to arrange the party and I’m sticking to that excuse. Enjoy your Stun.