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No.241, August 2015

Stun 241
No. 241 - August 2015

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The Editor's Bit

No prizes for guessing anything about this month’s cover; Sail 2015 is almost upon us! It’s going to be busy in town, especially around the IJ, but also a lot of fun. I’ll probably watch the Sail-In from our roof terrace, but the view won’t be as good as it was 5 years ago; a 10 storey block has gone up in front of our building since then.

That 10 storey block is IJdok, which is also the answer to the question I asked about last month’s cover. The Honourable Mention goes to Polly, who was the first person to give me a correct answer. Two people told me they had also taken photos from the same angle as me, but didn’t say IJdok, so they don’t count.

Even though there’s no cover question this month, we’ve got a meal for two at Molly Malone’s to be won with the crossword. If you think it’s too difficult, Elly has got some tips to help you on the next page.

Time is running out to get your entry in for this season’s Premier Predictions League; the closing date is Friday 14th August. You can read our football expert Frank’s predictions in Being Frank on Football, where you’ll also find details on how to enter.

Well, that’s it, I’m nearly there, so I’ll just finish by saying all of our usual stuff is in here, like jokes, the gig list and of course, loads of photos, including two pages from Beth & Mark’s wedding. Enjoy your Stun.