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No.245, February 2016

Stun 245
No. 245 - February 2016

Click on the picture to open this edition of The Amsterdam Stun in a new window. To view it, you need Adobe Reader software which is available from here.

The Editor's Bit

Ideas for this month’s cover included the Chinese New Year, St. Valentine’s Day and Carnival, but nothing came to fruition. We were running out of time to come up with something, so I went out for a walk with my camera. I didn’t have to go far... The Yellow Submarine was moored opposite Stun HQ!

We are dedicating this edition of the Stun to the wonderful people who work in the bars we visit every month. Come rain or shine, they are there when we drop in for a drink.

Most of the bars I visited in January were fairly quiet and not many of the customers wanted their photo in the Stun, so we would have been lost without the bar staff. Almost all of the photos in this month’s Stun contain at least one person who works in a bar, but can you spot which ones don’t? No prizes for getting it right, but if you contact me with a good answer, I’ll give you an Honourable Mention in this column next month.

There is a prize to be won with the crossword on page 18; our friends at Excalibur have donated a €10 Drink Special for the winner. You have a choice of 4 x Tequila, 3 x Jäger Bomb, 5 x Jäger, 5 x Sambuca, 4 x Heineken Bottle or 3 x Desperado.

Elly is still not feeling too good, so her pages have been reduced to a column, which I filled, but all of our usual stuff is packed into these 24 pages, so enjoy your Stun.