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No.275, August 2018

Stun 275
No. 275 - August 2018

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The Editor's Bit

´╗┐August is one of the months where I try to make a link between the cover and something happening that month, no matter how tenuous. I’ve got loads of photos from the biggest event, the Pride Canal Parade, but that’s usually over by the time the Stun hits the bars. I had a flash of inspiration a couple of days ago, but it was either too hot, too cloudy or too wet to take the photo at the right time of day. Oh well, I can always do it next August.

There’s nothing cryptic about this month’s cover; I needed something, so it was either go out and take a photo or look in my collection for something usable. I chose part of one I took at an open-air live music event recently. For this month’s Cover Competition, all you have to do is tell me where I was standing when I took the photo. One day, I’ll get proper prizes again, but for now, the first five people giving me the correct answer will get an Honourable Mention in this column next month.

A lot of people knew something about the place featured on last month’s cover, but only one person told me the name of the restaurant, so Talitha Holtuin gets an Honourable Mention for identifying it as Wolf Atelier.

Haven’t got enough room to tell you what’s in this August edition of the Amsterdam Stun; just read it from cover to cover and enjoy!