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No.276, September 2018

Stun 276
No. 276 - September 2018

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The Editor's Bit

Only one person seemed to know that the answer to last month’s Cover Competition was Nemo’s roof terrace, but she was with me when I took the photo, so...

For this month’s Cover Competition, all you have to do is tell me the official name of the tunnel on the cover. No prizes, as usual, but the first five will get an Honourable Mention on this page next month.

I met Steve Rosenstein from ‘Sweet Smoke’ in Maloe Melo; their 1970 album ‘Just a Poke’ was one of Elly’s all time favourites, but she’d lost the LP and finding another one in the days before Google, Amazon and YouTube existed wasn’t easy. It took a while, but Elly finally got a copy of the album from our Catalan friend Josep, who was the only person we met who had even heard of ‘Sweet Smoke’.

My niece Tish was in town and had Ian with her this time. I took them to Molly Malone’s for some decent food because who knows what kind of foreign muck they’ll encounter as they travel round Europe in their van.

Flying Dutchman boss Wiken didn’t want his first photo in the Stun to be of him in his dirty work clothes, so he took one of me and Tineke instead. I’ve checked my archives and this is the first time we’ve been in a photo together!

We’ve got a first look at who’s hoping to win 2 x €30 vouchers from Coco’s Outback in our Premier Predictions League on page 17 and all of our usual stuff is here, so enjoy your September edition of the Amsterdam Stun.