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No.282, March 2019

Stun 282
No. 282 - March 2019

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The Editor's Bit

To say I’m disappointed by the number of entries we got for the last Cover Competition would be an understatement; we didn’t get any!

Was it that difficult? I realise one canal can look much like another, but how many have got a big pink building with loads of antennas on the roof at the end of them? Did you think it was too easy and we would get hundreds of entries, so there was no point, because you had no chance of winning? Was emailing your answer too much of a hurdle? I’d like to know why nobody entered and would appreciate your feedback; contact details are on page 2, but you can also reach me on Facebook, WhatsApp or in a bar around town.

Anyway, the answer to last month’s Cover Competition was Brouwersgracht, and just in case you were wondering, the big pink building is on Nassauplein, overlooking the entrance to Westerpark. The prize of a bottle of wine from H. Murray’s will be carried over to our next Cover Competition; we’re not holding one this month because I’m still upset about the lack of entries for the last one, and I couldn’t think of a question to go with the photo - it’s some of the bar staff wearing Paddy’s Day paraphernalia outside my favourite Irish Pub!

A bit of a tenuous link, but Karen held her birthday party about 300m from where last month’s cover photo was taken. I don’t normally put photos from private parties in the Stun, but Karen’s an old friend, hasn’t been in the Stun for a while and it was a birthday that ended in ‘0’.

On the 9th February 1989, French dancer Johanna walked into Hunter’s Bar, where she met street entertainer “Mister Silver”. It was love at first sight! To celebrate their 30th anniversary of first meeting, they came back to where it all started, so I had to be there too.

While we were partying, my friend Lisa passed away in the AMC (see page 23), but I only found out the next day. I met Lisa’s niece Georgia and brothers Robert, Steven and John at the funeral and after in the Shamrock Inn; I just wish we’d met in better times.

That’s it for now; enjoy your Stun.