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No.285, June 2019

Stun 285
No. 285 - June 2019

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The Editor's Bit

I really thought we’d get a lot of entries for last month’s Cover Competition; a few people correctly identified it while I was taking the Stun around the bars, and although I asked them to email their answer to me, none of them did! Nobody else responded either!
Anyway, the answer was Nieuwmarkt, but I’m sure you knew that. Just think! A simple email could have got you a bottle of wine from H. Murray’s.
We will have a winner this month! See Page 4 for details of how to enter, but if nobody has entered by the official closing date on Monday 24th June 2019, I’ll award it to the first person to comment on a post about it on the Stun Facebook Page. I’ll give you advance notice there and in the Stun FB Group.
You might have noticed that this month’s Stun is thinner than usual; that’s because I didn’t get to many parties in May. I did go to Gregorio’s Birthday Bash at his house, but those photos are private.
All of the usual stuff is here, so enjoy!