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No.290, November 2019

Stun 290
No. 290 - November 2019

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The Editor's Bit

Yep! I’m still putting statues on the cover, and given how many there are to choose from, I’m sure it won’t be the last, although I might go for something more festive next month.

For this month’s Cover Competition, I went for something Autumnal, so if you know where the statue under the falling leaves (and bird shit) is located, let me know and you could get an Honourable Mention in this column next month.

The answer to the last Cover Competition was Het Lieverdje on Spui. Steven Krijger recognised it straight away, so he gets an Honourable Mention, but no extra kudos because he didn’t know it was donated to Amsterdam by the Hunter Cigarette Company.

Sinead phoned me to say she was coming to Amsterdam and would be going to Susie’s Saloon to meet up with some of her dad Liam’s friends, and would I like to see her too.

How could I say no? Liam was one of my best friends and he would be proud of Sinead, plus I hadn’t seen her for over three years. See page 18 for more photos of Sinead in Susie’s.

I know I look like a scruffy, unshaven git in the photo with Sinead, but that was part of my preparation for Halloween; Lesley did a great job transforming me into Blackadder II.

Excalibur barman Skip was one of the many who didn’t recognise me at first but realised it must be me because I was with Patsy & Edina from Ab Fab, alias Lesley and her daughter Emily, when we went to Rock On and the Waterhole on the Saturday night. It was a bit disappointing that there weren’t more people dressed up that night, but at least we got a shot of Jack Honey each in the Waterhole as compensation for their fancy dress competition being cancelled.

On the real Halloween, we went to Molly Malone’s as Blackadder and his Strumpet. See pages 14-15 for the party photos, but you won’t find any of Lesley; you should have been there if you wanted to see her costume!

All of our usual stuff is here, so enjoy your November edition of the Amsterdam Stun.