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No.298, September 2020

Stun 298
No. 298 - September 2020

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The Editor's Bit

How many of you are reading this edition of the Amsterdam Stun online instead of picking up a copy in a bar? Are you still in lockdown or just avoiding bars because of scare stories in the news? I visit 40+ bars every month and had no problem social distancing in any of them. OK, there were fist & elbow bumps, and the occasional handshake or kiss on the cheek, but I know a lot of people, so what do you expect? After I’d delivered the last Stun to all of them bars, I did stay at home for the next 10 days, but it had nothing to do with being in quarantine; I’m a ginger and it was too hot to go out.
The response to the Cover Competition last month was disappointing, to say the least. Not one of you told me it was in Vondelpark, let alone that it was of Mama Baranka and it was put there in memory of Kerwin Duinmeijer, who was murdered in a racist attack in August 1983.
For this month’s Cover Competition, I want you to tell me where the statue on the cover is located, and if you can tell me their names, you’ll get a bold Honourable Mention in this column next month.
If you want a real prize, why not enter our Premier Predictions League? There are great prizes to be won. See page 19 for details.
Due to a lack of advertisers, we’re limited to 20 pages, but I’ve managed to squeeze all of our usual stuff in, so enjoy your Stun.