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No.299, October 2020

Stun 299
No. 299 - October 2020

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The Editor's Bit

Before I say anything about this month’s cover, I have to give an Honourable Mention to Alan Sells for correctly identifying the statue on last month’s cover as Woutertje Pieterse & Femke on the Noordermarkt.
So, what’s with this month’s cover? On the 16th October, it will be 27 years since the very first edition of the Amsterdam Stun saw the light of day. Normally, that would be a good excuse for a party, but with the current restrictions and curfew, what’s the point? I’ll still have a drink to this momentous occasion, but with less than half of the advertisers we used to have and the least number of pages since we went full-colour this month, I’m more likely to drink halves than pints. With that in mind, when Brian served me this beer in H. Murray’s, I had to put the glass on the cover.
Being a music trivia fan, I’ve long been aware of the infamous 27 Club. I was living in Greece when I turned 27 and survived; 10 years later, I started the Stun as a way of letting friends from my days of orange picking in Greece know what those of us that settled in Amsterdam were up to, but then it took on a life of its own. Years later, I discovered that Steve in Susie’s Saloon used to work in Argos, but for a night out, came to Nafplion, the town I lived in, because we had better bars.
Anyway, now I’m getting worried that the Stun might become a member of the 27 Club if I don’t get any new advertisers or sponsors. Problem is, I have great difficulty with cold-calling potential leads, so if you know a bar that could do with being featured in the Stun regularly, ask the owner to give me a call and I’ll drop round for a chat.
The Stun has always been free to our readers, but now that I’m struggling, like most of us in the creative industry, would any of our more financially secure readers like to help out, either with one-off payments through something like GoFundMe, PayPal or a subscription service like Patreon.com? Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Despite only being 16 pages, all of the usual stuff is here, so enjoy your Stun!