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No.301, August 2021

Stun 301
No. 301 - August 2021

Click on the picture to open this edition of The Amsterdam Stun in a new window. To view it, you need Adobe Reader software which is available from here.

The Editor's Bit

No prizes for identifying ol’ peg-leg on this month’s cover, or where his statue is hidden; he’s such an unpleasant individual from Dutch colonial history, they even used his name on a brand of cigarettes! After last month, he seems appropriate, even if he is a bit non-PC.
July started good! Bars & clubs could open normal hours again, but it was short lived; on the 9th, the government decreed that bars had to close at midnight and no live music! That, and international travel restrictions at the time, scuppered plans for Feargal (ex-Dubliner) to celebrate his 60th on the 10th and then my 65th on the 11th together in Molly Malone’s. In the end, I had a drink with some friends at Molly’s on the 10th before having an early night and then going to more parties the next day.
Nobody responded to last month’s Cover Competition! Before I tell you the what and where, this is me having a drink with my old friend Pete in Café Oporto. We appeared together in the very first edition of the Stun, and now we’re together in number 301! Which brings me back to last month’s cover: I was looking for something to represent 300, and if you use your imagination, I think it works. The fact that this unnamed artwork is on Westerdoksdijk had nothing to do with it.
Vicky was a Stun regular in the Noughties, so it was nice to see her in the Blarney Stone with Charifa, although it was for Peter the Groper’s wake, so not so much fun. More photos on page 19.
I didn’t have room to mention Adele Openshaw or Lesley Stewart, who we also lost last month, but photos from Vince D’Elia’s wake are on pages 12 & 13.
We have got nice bits too, so I hope enjoy your latest edition of the Amsterdam Stun.