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No.302, November 2021

Stun 302
No. 302 - November 2021

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The Editor's Bit

I’m back! My apologies for the lack of an Amsterdam Stun in September and October; I had a mishap while out taking photos of bar staff for the next edition and slipped off a kerb while crossing Damrak, hurting my foot. I thought it was just a sprain, so I left my bike in town and got a taxi home.
It still hurt a few days later, so I called my doctor; she came to my house two hours later, decided I needed an X-ray and emailed me the referral papers for the hospital when she got back to her office.
The next day, I took a taxi to OLVG-Oost, where Lesley was waiting to wheel me up to radiology. The X-rays were taken within minutes of me checking in and then I was wheeled down to the ‘Gipskamer’ because I had a fractured fifth metatarsal.
I was dreading having my foot going in plaster, so I was relieved when they put it in a ‘Walker’ instead, and they did it straight away! Within an hour of my arrival at the hospital, I was on my feet and ready to go home.
My recovery has been slow, but I would like to thank Lesley for pushing me around the hospital (and taking the photo), Jen for bringing my bike home and Sidd and Olly for helping with my shopping. My GP and all at OLVG-Oost were fantastic too!
Nine weeks later than planned, I made it to Excalibur, where I was pleasantly surprised to see JJ from Two Too Many, who told me more than two too many gigs got cancelled during the lockdowns but he’s hoping to be back on stage and in the studio soon.
One of the most requested things our readers have asked for over the last five years is the return of a crossword. Well, I’m pleased to announce that Martyn Hardy, who made the Stun crosswords from 1994 to 1998, contacted me and his puzzles will be in the Stun every month from now on. You can find the first one on page 14; it’s just for fun at the moment (the answers are on page 17) so you can try to understand the way Martyn’s mind works, but the plan is to have Prize Crosswords in the not too distant future.
What else is in this month? We’ve got a fairly full Gig-List, a first look at our Premier Predictions League, Frank on Football, Jokes and loads of photos; enjoy your Stun.