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No.309, September 2022

Stun 309
No. 309 - September 2022

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The Editor's Bit

I’ll leave it to you whether you want to enter our Cover Competition because “Big Al” Sells from Texas is always the first person to contact me with the answer, so once again, he gets the Honourable Mention for telling me that it was the Bruidsjurk in Westerpark!
F*ck it! Big Al is disqualified from this month’s Cover Competition, even if he is in town at the moment, so if you can tell me the title and location of the artwork on the cover, you could get an Honourable Mention on this page in next month’s Amsterdam Stun!
Even better than Honourable Mentions, our team, Jeroen, Sidd, Lesley and myself, came first in the quiz final in Café Maxwell. We won in July too, but I forgot to put that picture in the last Stun, so Lesley sent me this one.
The night was still young, I’d finished what I had to do for the day, so why wouldn’t I agree to a photo with Conner while I was passing the Blarney Stone?
Have I become a celebrity or an influencer since I started the Stun? Even Louise’s dad Igor wanted to pose with me before he went to Sweden!
So, what’s in this month’s Amsterdam Stun? I’ve added an extra page to the Gig List; Live music is important, and I live in hope that some of the venues will pay for promotion, but I’m not going to hold my breath.
That’s it from me, all of our usual stuff is here, so enjoy your September edition of the Amsterdam Stun!