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No.310, October 2022

Stun 310
No. 310 - October 2022

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The Editor's Bit

I shouldn’t have banned “Big Al” Sells from last month’s Cover Competition! I thought I’d give other people a chance to get the Honourable Mention, but nobody entered! The answer was “Dragers van Verre” and it’s in Westerpark.
For this month’s Cover Competition, all you have to do is tell me who this is a monument to, but if you really want to up your game, can you tell me what play it depicts a scene from? Big Al is welcome to enter again, but can you beat him with the correct answer? As usual, you can send your entry to any of the contact details mentioned on page 2.
This month, on the 16th October, it will be 29 years since the very first edition of the Amsterdam Stun hit the bars. One of the first bars to support the Stun financially was Mister Coco’s, which evolved into Coco’s Outback, and they’re still with us, so it was great to see Mister Coco himself, Edward, when I dropped in recently. It was his youngest daughter Megan’s birthday, so the whole family were there, along with Ginny, who’s almost family.
When I started the Stun, my local, the Rodos Bar, didn’t advertise in the Stun, but I had no problem with that; it was where I went to relax. 29 years later, another bar fulfils that role, so as I haven’t got any photos of me this month, there are a couple with friends celebrating their birthdays on the same day in Café Oporto.
We’ll save Stun birthday celebrations until next year when we’ll have a party for our 30th. For now, we’ve got all of our usual stuff for you, so enjoy your October edition of the Amsterdam Stun.