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No.231, October 2014

Stun 231
No. 231 - October 2014

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The Editor's Bit

We’re a bit later than planned this month; no particular reason, time just crept up on us. I’m struggling with what to write about in this column! I’ll start with the cover; nothing cryptic, it’s pumpkins for autumn or Halloween.

Nice to see the 31st fall on a Friday this year; all of the Halloween parties should be on the same night, instead of some on the Saturday before, others on the Friday after and just a few on the 31st. I’ll be out and about with my camera, of course, visiting as many bars as possible, but I’ve got no idea when & where I’ll pop up, or what I will look like!

So, what have we got for you in this month’s Amsterdam Stun? We’ve got photos from Micky’s Larger Than Life Party on pages 8 & 9, loads of other photos, Elly’s Rants & Raves, the Gig List, Jokes, Being Frank on Football, the latest Premier Predictions League and the Prize Crossword! Enjoy your Stun!