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No.243, December 2015

Stun 243
No. 243 - December 2015

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The Editor's Bit

Did you miss us? It’s not often we have such a long gap between Stuns, but what can we do when the photographer, reporter, account manager, designer, webmaster, researcher and delivery boy are all off sick at the same time. OK, they’re all me, and if I can’t work on the Stun, there’s no Stun.

I had a bit of a heart scare in September, nothing serious, but I had to take it easy for a while. I toyed with the idea of an October Stun, but after Mark’s party (page 20), I knew I wasn’t fit for a return yet. I managed to stay out a bit longer for Halloween (page 18) but still not enough stamina, so no November edition.

Now, here we are in December, the creative juices are flowing again and I will be hitting the streets with this Stun very soon. It might take me a bit longer to get round all the bars, but I don’t want to rush it.

The answer to my last Cover Question was Brouwersgracht. Honourable mentions go to Marta, who was in the first bar I delivered the Stun to and recognised it straight away, and Patricia & Dirk, who e-mailed the answer after  picking up a Stun in the Magpie.

No prizes for guessing the what, where or why of this month’s cover; it’s last year’s Christmas tree on the Dam because it’s nearly Christmas. That’s it for now, so enjoy your Stun, have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.